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    1. Retail Markets

      RFID solutions for retail operations are not only a direct replacement for standard barcodes. In the future, RFID tags will also automate other manual tasks such as inventory taking, theft detection (using an RFID anti-theft gate), and employee attendance management.

    1. Supply Chain Management

      RFID tags are not just a replacement of traditional barcode labels. They are smart labels that ensure goods appear in the right place at the right time. With RFID systems, supply chain managers are able to build authentication and confirmation into previous error-prone processes such as inventory management.

    1. Healthcare Management

      RFID technology can be implemented in every aspect of a hospital's operation. Items and patients can be fixed with RFID smart labels and can be tracked to keep an accurate inventory and patient record. RFID solutions are just one more step of the modernization of the healthcare system.

    1. Rail Traffic Control

      RFID tag systems are beneficial to the industry as a whole. The overall goal of applying RFID systems in rail traffic management is threefold: to automate manual tasks to improve efficiency, to increase passenger and baggage handling capacity, and to maximize revenue growth and competition with trucking.

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